Termoros works in B2B and B2C sales of heat supply, heating, cooling, ventilation, water supply, sanitation, automation and dispatch systems (and their components) for buildings and other structures, as well as providing comprehensive engineering and related services for life support systems.

We help create comfortable, reliable and safe living conditions by developing and implementing modern, energy-efficient engineering solutions.

The Termoros Group

«We have deep professional knowledge and confidence in the quality of our products based on the extensive application of our equipment in a wide range of environments: from laboratory tests to installation and after-sales services. The Termoros Group of Companies contributes towards the realization of energy efficient programs by implementing and promoting advanced technologies in the engineering systems of buildings and construction projects. The modern and ecological engineering equipment offered by our company increases both the aesthetic qualities and comfort of a living space».

Ashot Danielian, President, Termoros Group




Retail stores

After-sales service support

Download the presentation of Termoros:

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